Secretary Changes Horses

A woman with a lifelong passion for horses has turned her hobby into a career, with help from a Trust set up by her former employer.

Joanne Fieldhouse, 37, from Rotherham, South Yorkshire, spent three years as an administrative assistant, working with field managers and liaising with customers.

When she was made redundant in 2008, a trust set up to support former employees helped her to, quite literally, change horses.

With a Business funding loan from the eaga Trust, Joanne was able to pursue her interest in equestrianism and in particular Equine Touch, a holistic form of bodywork which gives comfort to horses of all shapes and sizes and promotes healing.

Now, after three years of study, Joanne is a fully qualified and insured Equine Touch Practitioner and has set up her own business, The Equine Advisor.

“Equine Touch involves using my hands to place very simple but unique moves over the horse’s body before concentrate on specific areas,” said Jo.

“It provides a deep state of relaxation to release tensions, realigns muscle fibres to optimise recovery and performance, encourages lymphatic drainage to remove waste products such as lactic acid and encourages circulation to feed the cells of the body.”

Along with Equine Touch, Jo provides nutritional advice, feeding plans and forage testing; worm control advice and testing, fitness plans and advice on environmental management.

“Working with horses and running my own business just mean so much to me,” said Jo, “and, without the help of the eaga Trust, I wouldn’t have been able to afford to continue learning at such a pace and it would have been a much slower start for my business.

“The £1,000 I was able to access through the Skill-builder fund was a huge help towards the cost of my training, while the Business funding loan I was given went a long way to helping set up the business.

“I am truly thankful to all involved and believe more members should look into the Business funding loans offered by the Trust as it really can help.”

Richard Marr, Chief Operating Officer at the eaga Trust, said: “We haven’t just helped Jo start a new business; we’ve helped her fulfil her vocation.

“The work she is doing with horses is of vast importance and the Trust is delighted to have played a part in that – we wish her every success for the future.”

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