The Higher Education Bursary: Student Stories 2019-2020


Read how members have used their Higher Education Bursaries in our Student Yearbook

Since September 2018, the Higher Education Bursary has supported over 200 Members and Child Members as they’ve studied at universities across the UK. 

The HE Bursary was created to provide financial support for day-to-day living costs, with eligible Members receiving payments of up to £13,500 over a three year period of full time study. 

These funds have helped students to pay for everything from rent to study equipment, food and travel, presenting them with the opportunity to attend the university that is the best fit for their studies, without being restricted to the one that’s affordable. 

It’s offered Members a degree of financial security, enabling them to be independent from parental support and avoid struggling to balance part time jobs alongside their studies. For some, this support has been a lifeline that’s prevented students from dropping out.

As we move into the second year of the Education Bursary Programme, we’ve taken the opportunity to look back and celebrate the achievements of the class of 2019-2020 through the Student Stories publication. It’s been inspiring to see how Members have chosen to change their lives through higher education. 

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The 2018-2019 edition can be viewed here

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