Are You Ready for Results Day? A Guide to Clearing

With A-Level results around the corner, be prepared for the next step. Clearing can be both exciting and confusing, but the Higher Education Bursary could make the university decision a little easier. Whether you’re a student or a parent waiting on results, this guide will help you understand all the options.

What to do on Results Day

Whatever the results, there are plenty of opportunities available through university Clearing. Get prepared before Results Day with a list of alternative universities that would also be suitable. Remember, the Higher Education Bursary could help you or your children go to a university you’ve not considered before. Take a look at these helpful links.

Results Day

Survivors guide to Clearing

Clearing advice for parents

"Opportunities exist in everything you do; I turned a checkout job into a career in energy management. Be brave enough to create the opportunities and ask the questions."

Stay positive

Not getting the expected results can seem like a blow but Clearing is full of opportunities, not a last resort. A different university opens up new experiences, friends and influences. Get inspired by reading these Clearing success stories.

Clearing experiences

Success stories

5 go through Clearing

Are you university ready?

Clearing is just one step in the university journey. Here’s a few other things to consider (if you haven’t already) before you or your children start. Don’t forget, the Higher Education Bursary offers financial support for day-to-day living costs, such as accommodation, food, bills and travel

Accommodation options

10 things to do before you start

Budget calculator

16-25 Railcard


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