Higher Education Bursary

Developed using data provided during Trust Share 2017, and drawing on independent research, eligible Members and Child Members could receive up to £13,500 over three years of full time study.

The Bursary has been designed to provide immediate financial support for day-to-day living costs, such as accommodation, food, bills and travel, meaning applicants can go to the university that’s the best fit for their studies, without being restricted to one that’s affordable.

Members already in full time university education can still receive financial support through the Higher Education Bursary for the remainder of their studies – for up to three years.

While Higher Education Bursaries are currently only open to UK Members, there are similar educational programmes in development to support Members in India, Canada and Ireland. Support with Further Education and Apprenticeship schemes are being looked at too.

If you have already been to university or don’t have children nearing university age, this is the first step in a wider programme of benefits that will be designed to cater for the shifting needs of the Trust’s Members.

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