More than £2 million Skill-builder Plus funding has helped Members

Skill-builder Plus support has now exceeded £2 million and over 4,500 applications have been made by Trust Members.

Andy’s application topped the £2 million mark. He used Skill-builder Plus to improve his existing skill-set, client base and earning potential.

He said: “Skill-builder Plus has given me the opportunity to hone the skills which I need to get ahead in my career as a professional translator.

“What’s more, with the highly professional and friendly team at the eaga Trust, the whole process couldn’t have been easier.”

Each registered Member of the eaga Trust has a Skill-builder Plus account of £2,000, from which they may apply for funding to help with work-related training. All members can apply; whether unemployed, employed, self-employed or retired.

In addition, Child Members are eligible for their own £1,000 training fund.

The funds do not need to be used at once; they are intended to be there for when the Member needs to use them, and can be used in one or more parts over a period of time.

To find out more, head to the Skill-builder Plus page on the website.

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