Boyhood Buddies In Business

Two school friends, who went on to work for the same company, have strengthened their bond even further – by starting their own business.

Robert Blake and Shaun Tryner, from Launceston, Cornwall, who became firm friends while at Launceston College, both went on to join energy efficiency company Eaga.

And now, the pals have set up their own company, with help from a Trust set up by their former employer.

Drawing on their joint experience of the industry, they now carry out energy efficiency surveys and assessments for domestic and commercial property owners throughout the area.

As Members of the Trust, Shaun and Robert were each able to access Skill-builder; a £1000 training grant, which they used to fund their training to become Green Deal advisers.

They also applied for an interest free business funding loan from the Trust, which funded commercial energy, SAP assessment training, Green Deal accreditation costs and the purchase of a computer.

“The help we’ve had from the Trust has been really important to us,” said Shaun. “Without it we could not have gained the necessary qualifications as quickly and consequently it would have taken a lot longer to get the company off the ground. “It has been invaluable to us and I would really urge anyone else who may be eligible, to register their membership and get in touch with the Trust about the benefits on offer.”

Richard Marr, Chief Operating Officer at the eaga Trust, said: “Robert and Shaun are exactly the sort of people the Trust wants to help.

“There are many more like them who are eligible for membership of the Trust and we would love to hear from them.”

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