The Trust Today

Nowadays, the eaga Trust still holds true the intent set out in the Trust Deed; to provide a wide range of Benefits to its Members, these include health benefits, holiday homes, education bursaries, and courses for life enhancement.

In 2016 the Trust Benefits were extended to include the children of Trust Members, as a Child Member you can access Benefits such as The Prince’s Trust, Education Bursaries and Skill-builder Plus.

In 2018 the Trust launched the Higher Education Bursary programme which is open to Members and Child Members studying full-time in Higher Education, at universities across the UK. The Trust contributes up to a total of £15,750 over a 3-year period – that’s £5,250 per academic year, to support student living costs.  Further phases of this educational support was launched in 2019, which includes support for International Members in Ireland, India and Canada, as well as for all Members studying abroad and those Members wishing to partake in full-time Further Education.

The Trust remains committed to providing Benefits that will continue to have a significant impact on Member’s through their life, from education, to employment, and beyond.

The impact of Trust Benefits on current Members is a key measure for the Trust and as such, the Board of Trustees has taken the significant decision to spend more on Benefits to deliver an even greater impact. This step will intentionally result in shortening the life span of the Trust, to around a further 20-30 years, rather than it continuing indefinitely. This means that there will be even more support available for you and your children in the coming years.