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Tutoring Support

Make the most of the Tutoring Support Programme

Get Tuition for your child in Key Stages 2-4, GCSE – and now AS and A Level

What is Tutoring Support?

The Trust is pleased to offer an exclusive Tutoring Support Programme, in partnership with renowned education provider, Kip McGrath.

Maths and English Language play a pivotal role in determining progression opportunities and therefore life chances. As such, the Trust is offering funding for tutoring to children of First Generation Members aged 7-19.

How it helps

Designed to help all First Generation UK Members’ children aged 7-19 get ahead through education, the Tutoring Support Programme offers tuition in the below subjects. The Trust will fund up to 40 lessons per student per academic year (up to 20 for AS and A Level), providing educational support when your child needs it most. The sessions can be split between subjects or used solely on one.

Key Stages 2-4 Maths and English Language

GCSE: Maths and English (including resits)

AS: Maths, English Language and English Literature

A Level: Maths, English Language and English Literature

How does it work?

Kip McGrath create personalised support programmes to meet each child’s individual learning needs. From understanding complex topics to preparing for exams and getting the boost they need to excel – their experienced tutors leave no concept unexplored or question unanswered.

Personalised approach

Adapt to each students’ needs and learning preferences.

Flexible scheduling

Times may need to be flexible to deliver this bespoke programme.

Lesson delivery

Key Stages 2-4 and GCSE support either face-to-face at a Kip McGrath Centre, or online group sessions. For AS and A Level support, each 60-minute lesson is conducted online, on a one-to-one basis, with a dedicated tutor.

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To find out more and to apply for this new benefit, visit Tutoring Support in the Member Benefits section of the eaga Trust website.