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The Higher Education Bursary: Student Stories 2021-2022

18 Nov 2022

The Trust has to date supported over 500-member applications through the UK Higher Education Bursary.  

In September 2021 the Trust made the decision to extend the length of support available.  The extended support offered additional funding to students whose degree courses were four years or where they continued to post graduate studies, such as a PGCE or Masters. Of the students receiving the Bursary, 30% applied for this additional year of support.

At the start of the 2021/22 academic year the majority of students were able to return to their studies on campus. Campus research facilities and laboratories re-opened and placements for students’ home and abroad were reinstated.

HE Bursary students were able to take part in their planned year in industry, others travelled to countries including France, Spain, Sweden and Canada for university exchange studies or work placements.

Over 60 students graduated at the end of this academic year. They all agreed that the Bursary had made a big impact on their studies, giving them confidence for the future, their career and also independence. When asked, 72% said they felt less pressure to work during their studies because they had the Bursary.

The Bursary continues to help students live a more diverse, happier and relaxed life, while providing a platform for academic success.

As we move into the fifth year of the Education Bursary Programme, we’ve taken the opportunity to look back and celebrate the achievements of the class of 2021-2022 through the Student Stories publication. It continues to be inspiring seeing how Members have chosen to change their lives through higher education.

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