Former Energy Worker Designs Her Future

All signs point to a successful future for a former energy worker who has set up their own specialist event set and scenery company, thanks to help from the eaga Trust.

Staged Events Ltd is the brainchild of Ashleigh Jones who co-founded the company with her husband Brad Chapman. Her niche business offers a full events service from designing and building event scenery, to event planning and management, and disposal or storage of the sets for future use.

Since its launch in 2013, Staged Events Ltd. has landed high profile contracts and worked with organisations such as Green & Blacks, Overfinch and most recently BBC Countryfile – where they produced all the signage for their Countryfile Live event at Blenheim Palace.

Ashleigh said: “Being able to work with such well known clients, in a creative and diverse sector is like a dream come true. The work changes every week and you never know what the next project is going to be”.

“My favourite so far has been a winter wonderland set we created that even had cobbled streets and restored 10 x 4.5-metre Victorian lampposts to create bespoke lighting and signage for the event”.

“We’ve had some fantastic success so far, but without the help from the eaga Trust, this wouldn’t have been possible.”

"We’ve had some fantastic success so far, but without the help from the eaga Trust, this wouldn’t have been possible.”

Set up to help former employees of Eaga Plc, the Trust offers members a wide range of practical and financial benefits, along with a full support package for those planning to retrain or start their own, employee-owned business.

Among the benefits is Business Funding, through which Ashleigh secured a business loan to help towards a suitable home for her company.

She said: “One of the challenges I was facing was finding premises that were big enough to create the large pieces of scenery and store them for our clients who might want to use them in the future.”

After outgrowing their previous location, Ashleigh found the ideal base for her operation in Old Basing, Hampshire, but the building wasn’t suitable for their needs.

“When I found the unit I knew that it would be the perfect home for our business, but it just wasn’t fit for purpose. The help I received from the eaga Trust meant that we had enough space to create large sets, with a secure storage space and even space left over for a modern office. As a result, I could expand the services we offered and grow the business much more quickly than I expected."

“Due to the amazing success we’ve had so far we’ve just taken on some large projects and are expanding our storage space into the rest of the building.”

Richard Marr, Chief Operating Officer for the eaga Trust said: “Ashleigh is exactly the sort of person the Trust was formed to help.

“We are delighted to have been able to help her grow her already successful business and wish her all the best.”

For more information about Staged Events Ltd., email or call 01256 880 182.

For more information on Business Funding click here.

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