Extending the Education Bursary Programme

The eaga Trust Higher Education Bursary Programme is currently supporting almost 200 Members and Child Members as they study at Universities across the UK.

Following the success of its first year, further developments to the Education Bursary Programme were announced in November 2019. These extensions have been created to provide support to Members and Child Members studying abroad and also those in Ireland, Canada and India.

Members and their children in Canada, Ireland, India and the UK are eligible for support while they study full time at a University in their country of residence or if they choose to study abroad. Additionally, UK Members have access to funds to support them after completing a full time Further Education course to a level 3 or 4.

The Trust is currently looking at how to support Members in India with the inconsistencies within the education system that their children face, which impacts their ability to attend university in their future.
Log in https://members.eagatrust.com/login to find out more about the bursaries available to you.

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